No Frills Filipino-style Pork BBQ (with some fixins)!

This is how I like my BBQ…easy peasy, no frills straight up all-protein version! Make approximately 15 pieces In a large bowl or Ziploc bag combine approx. 2 lbs of pork stewing meat with 1/4 cup of Mama Sita Liquid Marinating Sauce and 2 cloves chopped garlic. Refrigerate for 48-hrs. Place about 4 pieces each…

Egg Brûlée…Yes, Please.

If I could describe this creative little number with one word, it would be decadent.  A delicate amuse-gueule if you may…

Chinese Dumplings 101

Prep time- 2 hours.  Filling assembly- 1 hour.  Steaming- 30 minutes.  Frying- 30 minutes.  Satisfaction of homemade dumplings- Priceless.

Kimchi 101

Kimchi 101 This shortcut version is more pickled than fermented.  Either way, you’ll love this as a condiment with your favorite Asian cuisines…

Salty, Spicy, Sweet on Sweet Potato Fries

The other night hubby and I watched Chopped, one of many favorite cooking challenges we enjoy viewing on the tele.  The new episode featured ‘grandma vs grandma’ where four, sweet elderly ladies eagerly anticipated the surprise ingredients from their baskets.