When life gives you pork belly…make adobo!

I do not cook Filipino food often but when I do I go for the gusto!  Moreover, this is the first time I’ve ever cooked a slab of pork fat and I must say I quite enjoyed it.  Today for his lunch break, my 9-year old son had the remainder of last night’s pork belly adobo.  As he took a bite, he closed his eyes and jovially said, “I’m in pork heaven…”I am not going to dictate this recipe by measurements, because frankly, I didn’t measure anything last night during prep.  I merely gathered all the ingredients together and placed everything in my handy-dandy slow cooker! 

So for the ingredients, I purchased a nice slab of pork belly from Whole Foods.  It was about 1.67 pounds for less than $8.00.  Doesn’t seem like a whole lot, but since I didn’t really know (at the time) what I was getting myself into, I decided to go small for starters.  In addition, I also had added about a pound of pork stew meat that costs me only .89 cents.  What a bargain that was!

The remaining components, essential for a traditionally good Filipino adobo dish are Silver Swan (or similar Filipino brand) special soy sauce, Datu Puti (or similar Filipino brand) white vinegar, fresh whole black peppers (5-6), fresh bay leaves (2-3), fresh cloves of garlic (3-4).  I also tossed in some fresh, chopped shallots–but it’s optional.
Turn on the slow cooker to 6-hours on high setting.  The sauce, you will find, will obviously be very fatty, so once in a while, I added about a teaspoon of soy sauce and vinegar within the six-hours cooking period just to give the meat more flavor.  Meanwhile, I made about 5 cups of white rice in a rice cooker (I don’t quite know any Filipino household that does not own a rice cooker).

Lastly, for aesthetics, I served the whole pork belly, alongside the extra pork meat and white rice on banana leaves placed on top of a large wooden platter.  That was it!  Easy enough?  Do enjoy and let me know what you think!–gcc


  1. YUM!!!!! Time to whip up that slow cooked that’s been sitting in the cabinet for oh so long. Thanks for sharing this I remembered seeing the photo on Instagram and glad to finally read abt it on your blog. Take care! =)

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