Homemade Butter!

So I am going to make this come out as my first product review for a DIY Butter-Making Kit I recently purchased from Williams-Sonoma online. On their website you will find a section called Agrarian, which basically means supporting a lifestyle of healthy living.  You connect a healthy living by the virtues of homegrown and homemade on your table.  It has become my favourite section on their website, almost to a point that I am on that site everyday just ogling at the many items I would like to have.  In my passion for both shopping and eating, I decided that my first ‘agrarian’ purchase would be easy and no doubt, fun and educational to explore.  This is where the DIY Butter-Making Kit came to play…kitchen play, that is.

The Butter-Making Kit comes with the following:

  • BPA-free plastic shaker container.
  • 2 porcelain butter bells.
  • 2 hand-carved teak butter paddles.
  • Flavoring options:
    • Herbes de Provences (.75 oz).
    • French Sea Salt (1 oz.).
  • Muslin bags for storing herbs and spices.
  • Complete instruction and recipe booklet.

I cannot begin to tell you how much fun making butter really was…as I went from just a store-bought, organic heavy cream, to forming a buttermilk, and voilà…to good, ole homemade butter!!!  I was beyond elated.  The kit will give you 1 1/2 of butter which will last for about two weeks.  Overall, I truly recommended purchasing this.  It is so worthwhile and as I quote from Williams-Sonoma, you will truly “Enjoy the creamy flavor of freshly made butter with our easy-to use kit, which includes all the essentials you need for preparation and serving. Just add a pint of heavy cream to the included container and shake—in 20 minutes you will have a batch of all-natural butter that’s far superior to ordinary store-bought varieties.”

Adapted from Williams-Sonoma online


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