As I perused through the October 2014 Issue of Food and Wine magazine I was elated to spot a recipe consisting of grape leaves…one of my favorites!

Tocino simply means bacon in Spanish. Typically made from pork belly, this dish is usually served for breakfast or brunch. Filipinos usually accompany tocino with rice and egg called To-Si-Log–Tocino, Sinangag (fried rice) and itlog (egg).  The following recipe is my personal rendition…with an extra twist.

Oh those under-the-weather days…this by far is my favorite dish to have, especially when I was little.

Now who wouldn’t love a recipe using only one pan?! And topping it off dining alfresco…

I could never pass up fresh-caught seafood, and there is nothing like wild-caught cockles on hot summer days…

Although my family and I reside within distance of vast vineyards, wineries, apple orchards, and generally an agrarian’s dream community, there is one disadvantage or the-lack-of when it comes to buying certain products–the mere luxury of nearby (less than an hour away), culturally diverse markets in a quest for making international dishes I crave for…

Aloha!  Here is a dish I originally learned from a friend many years ago.  Since then I have tested out various other recipes with the hopes of capturing the true essence of Hawaiian cooking .  Mahalo…

Oh hey!  Well, here is an easy, rustic, comfort food, and I must say, just a simply delicious dish–originally adapted from Gwyneth Paltrow’s ‘my father’s daughter Delicious, Easy Recipes Celebrating Family & Togetherness’, that was a huge hit for dinner with my family.

By the way, don’t mind my son digging right into the eyeball there…he is quite the foodie who wouldn’t have those any other way but first!

I wanted to make use of some ingredients I had lingering around in the fridge to see what I can come up with–cabbage, frozen, organic peas, left over Honey Baked Ham, button mushrooms, and some chicken stock…

Here’s a little something I put together this afternoon.  It coincides with an old world dough recipe I made a couple of days ago–basically taking my favorite pizza dough recipe and freezing it for a couple of days; then thawing it out for a few hours before use.

I remember the first time I dabbled with phyllo dough I had no idea what I was doing.  My cousin gave me one of those mini pie makers for Christmas a couple of years back and I was eager to get started.  So naturally at the market, I grabbed what I thought to be an ‘easy’ and fun way to try out my new pie maker– phyllo dough.  Following the instructions on the box, as well as, the pie maker’s how-to,  I was off to a good start!

There’s been a request for pizza lately from our little guy…so I thought I make his favorite, which is pepperoni pizza…BUT double decker style!

Improvise, improvise, improvise…I’m big on this when it comes to recipes.  Most times, whilst sitting in my little corner kitchen desk, I’ve already figured out what I am going to cook for tomorrow’s dinner whilst, in my head, prepping the ingredients for tonight’s family meal!  There are thousands, upon thousands of recipes on-line where I gather my ideas from.  Other times, I just turn around to grab one of my cookbooks.  What I love to do, however, is improvise…and this is what I have done with this recipe.

Yesterday we had rain…finally.  True, it’s not the most pleasant…but hey, free water is ALWAYS good.  So it was a cozy kind of feeling for me, which personally meant, run to the grocery store to see what I can cook up for the day! 

A few blogs ago I made some skinless longganisa using lean ground pork.  Although all the flavors of what longganisa should look and taste like was accounted for, they were a bit on the dry side due to the lack of porky fat.  So tonight, I decided to revisit this recipe and use bacon as the ‘skin’ to make up for the lack thereof in fat content.  Which, by the way, was an idea that our little guy suggested I should do.

So here we go…kicking it up a notch with hickory smoked bacon!