I want to emphasize that my style of cooking is ‘free range‘…meaning, I try to make it my own unique style, but with the guidance of a recipe.  So on this note, I found a wonderful chicken recipe from bon appetit magazine with an emphasis on heirloom tomatoes–which I happen to just purchase a few days ago from our local farmers market.  I wanted to use them for something special, so I made a roasted chicken, using these beautiful heirloom tomatoes, a certified organic whole chicken, a variety of herbs and spices for my dish.  Below, I am going to give you the basis of the recipe and ingredients, and give you the option for making my version (as pictured) of the same recipe.

Back in the ’70s I lived in large apartment building in San Francisco, in the corner of Gough and Market.  At least once a week, my parents and I would walk up to the supermarket several blocks away.  There were a couple of things I often took notice of along the way–the Old Mint Building and a mom and pop Vietnamese sandwich dive where from about 11 until 2pm people would line up to get their sandwich fix.  I had no idea what the sandwiches were called at the time, but I do recall a few ingredients that stuck to my mind: shredded lettuce, carrots, cucumber, salt, pepper and a well-seasoned meat, either beef, pork or chicken.  It was seriously the most satisfying sandwiches I ever had.

Greek food is definitely on top of my list, where the emphasis on a typical meal is very much tailored to the use of fresh, seasonal produce, combined with a blend of a leisurely, sociable flair that is often enjoyed in the open air.

I’ve only tried to make this recipe once before and love it!  The first time was a semi-success, despite how half of the stuffing came out and the sense of nervousness upon trying out what looked to be a complicated dish.  This time I felt less nervous about making this dish and also bought a slightly larger flank steak.  With all baking aside, one thing you will learn about my style in cooking is that I don’t quite measure anything.  As long as I have all the right ingredients, and even if I didn’t, I just go with the flow of things.  I like to experiment with taste as I imagine most home cooks like me do.  Thus on this note, below is my personal recipe for this classic Filipino dish.

I was playing around in the kitchen yesterday with a new dessert recipe, meanwhile, the recipe involved the use of three large egg whites. Because I don’t ever like to waste food, as much as possible, rather than tossing the yolks, I decided to do a quick lunch makeover…

Been craving for some spaghetti with meatballs all week and there is nothing more delish than homemade meatballs. Better yet, imagine an ooey gooey surprise with each bite!

I was pretty exhausted the other night…just routine housework.  Hubby decided to help me with a favorite and easy dish that’s often a repeat menu in our household.  He has never cooked Beef with Tomatoes my way before, so whilst I was working on this new blog page, I guided him through it…