On April, 2010 my husband and I founded The Cooking Apprentice LLC in Brentwood, California located along the California Delta of the Bay Area.  Alongside us were the support of our two boys, Brendan, 18 and Etienne, 9.  Together, we shared our passion for all things cooking (and baking) by teaching kids basic cooking classes in commercial kitchens, as well as, private cooking lessons for individuals who wanted to be in the comfort of their home kitchen.
In April, 2012 our circumstance changed when we decided to explore other personal venues to include acclimating in a quaint, historic city that holds a strong lifestyle value for a self-sufficient way of living.

Moving forward, although we no longer offer cooking classes, we wanted to share some of our memorable cooking portfolio below…

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“…no one is born a great cook, one learns by doing.”
Julia Child, My Life in France