Beef with Tomatoes…Our Way.

I was pretty exhausted the other night…just routine housework.  Hubby decided to help me with a favorite and easy dish that’s often a repeat menu in our household.  He has never cooked Beef with Tomatoes my way before, so whilst I was working on this new blog page, I guided him through it…


-1 lb beef, cubed (The kind you use for beef stew)

-2 whole tomatoes, sliced in wedges (I use the vine tomatoes)

-1 whole onion, chopped (optional)

-2-3 tbsp oyster sauce

-dash ground pepper

-1-2 cloves fresh garlic, chopped


-In a large pan, saute the onions and garlic

-Add the beef cubes and sear; then simmer in low fire for about 30 minutes

-Add the vine tomatoes, oyster sauce and a dash of ground pepper; simmer in low fire for another 30 minutes until the meat is tender and tomatoes are soft

Serve over white rice.  That is it!

Happy Cooking–gcc