I love an occasional spicy Bloody Mary with just a hint of vodka…but, for a healthier Bloody Mary this classic, guilt-free version is sure to please any V8 fan!

Humbly grateful with our gardener for the bounty of his homegrown zucchini and squash that he shares with us from time to time.  One particular favorite is the pattypan squash.

Hi there!  Here’s a different take for those of you who are familiar with adobo–Filipino style.  This is a perfect vegetarian dish if you want to experience the classic taste of Philippine adobo, but without the meat…

In midst of the apple orchards and vineyards that surround our neighboring home amidst came wild grapes that settled in our garden.  Coincidentally, I also happen to LOVE dolmádes.  And so with grapes, comes grape leaves…thus, I seized the opportunity!

Sinigáng (sour stew) na hito (catfish) sa misô (in Tagálog, the official language of the Philippines) is a seafood variation of the Filipino sinigang soup. 

Here’s a classic sandwich for a distinctive palette…a great combination of sweet and savory, yet light sandwich served on a grilled French Baguette.  A perfect paring alongside a bright, crispy green salad!

What’s incredibly easy to love, amazing Asian, and amazingly easy to make? Spring rolls!

About a week ago I received a personal autographed copy of the Heirloom Cookbook from The Beekman Boys.  I also took the liberty to purchase an autographed copy of The Bucolic Plague.  Just as with any new cookbook and/or book I purchase, I could not wait to peruse through the crisp pages of both books.

Greek food is definitely on top of my list, where the emphasis on a typical meal is very much tailored to the use of fresh, seasonal produce, combined with a blend of a leisurely, sociable flair that is often enjoyed in the open air.