Water Spinach (kangkong) Adobo

Hi there!  Here’s a different take for those of you who are familiar with adobo–Filipino style.  This is a perfect vegetarian dish if you want to experience the classic taste of Philippine adobo, but without the meat…

Memories and Food…

Yesterday, 1/18 was my late father’s birthday. He would have been 86. One of the memories I hold dearly in my heart were all the meals we shared together as a family. Whether they were at home for lunch or dinner or at one of his favorite restaurants nearby. No matter what meals and with…

How Do You Siopao?

Here we are, simply put…I was excited to try my new 12-inch bamboo steamer, definitely much larger than the mini 6-inch one I used in the past.  What better way than to break them in with some Filipino-style siopao (Pork buns with hard-boiled eggs)! 

Catfish Stew in Misô

Sinigáng (sour stew) na hito (catfish) sa misô (in Tagálog, the official language of the Philippines) is a seafood variation of the Filipino sinigang soup. 

Buko Pie…a hometown specialty!

I read an interesting story about Buko pie (Young Coconut) pie and that it originated from a city in my hometown of Laguna, Philippines.