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Making Scents!

I am such a fanatic when it comes to air/room fresheners and candles.  In my home alone, I have about twelve air fresheners plugged in, along with candles placed about in various rooms and a can of air fresheners stored in the linen closet, laundry room, loft/library, guest room, and lower-level family room aka the man cave.  In my car, I have two plug ins–the one that you clip onto the vents.  So you get the picture, right?  So what scent are they, you wonder?  Why, vanilla would be number one on my list, or course; then followed by anything that seem like I just baked something sweet in the oven.  I also like the smell of winter, spring and fall fragrances–depending on the season for them.  Now that we have that established, by now you should know what I am going to talk about next.  Room Fresheners…