My cousin gave me some wonderful, homegrown lemons, and so, when life gives you lemons…do make something wonderful out of them.

Beefaroni always took me back to elementary school.  As weird as it sounds, it was the only hot lunch meal I looked forward to…

Well, I don’t really know much about this Hawaiian dish…other than I’ve only had Lau Lau a number of times from a chain eatery in shopping malls.  Of course, not knowing what home cooked Lau Lau could possibly taste like; and seldom do I run across authentic Hawaiian food where I live, I decided to just make them myself!

Family MealA visit to my mom’s house and the old neighborhood in the Bay Area usually means honing in on my Filipino roots. So what I made for you today at my home is Pork Sinigang (Sinigang na Baboy)– Pork ribs and/or riblets with sour broth, daikon, spinach and taro roots, alongside fish sauce for taste in reminiscence of our comfort foods from the Philippines.