The perfect cozy meal for those cold winter nights! 

This is a beautifully executed dish that I wanted to replicate.

I know, I know for some you it’s not exactly the Kobe beef of choice…but if you have not tried beef tongue cooked the authentic French way, then you are truly missing out!  I give my hubby 100% credit for cooking the best beef tongue I’ve ever had.  It’s a must-try…at least once.

I honed in on my native Filipina roots to make an authentic Philippine dish.  This particular recipe does not require banana leaves, but I thought how rustic and comforting it would be for banana leaves aesthetics.  So I made “Paksiw Na Lechón” which in literal translation means “Pork in Liver Sauce”  BUT to make the recipe my way, I substituted the pork for beef oxtails.  And so it is…a 4-6 hour braising process in a dutch oven and not on the stove-top but oven baked.