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Lamb Wellington…Check.

A collaboration with my hubby, as he prepped the lamb for me, whilst I whisked away at the remaining ingredients in the kitchen.  We initially discovered ‘Beef Wellington’ from Gordon Ramsay‘s infamous television show Hell’s Kitchen.  Throughout the years of watching this show and seeing hundreds of Beef Wellington made by the contestants during the dinner service, I made a self-promise that I would SOMEDAY make this dish. 

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Apricot with Rum Galette

Summer truly is a great season to take advantage of the organic fruits that mother nature has intended for us to enjoy come harvest time. Hubby and I are lucky enough to have inherited a quaint orchard in the backyard of our new home. There are approximately 20 fruit trees consisting of apples, apricots, figs, pears, plums, and a full-grown pepper tree, as well. We also have some wild grapes, which pollinated from the winery next door, that have spread throughout the premise of the garden. Here are a few pictures I took, some trees of which I’ve marked ‘Not sure’ because I can’t tell them apart from peaches to apricots whilst they are still green. Enjoy!

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