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The Baconisa…Whaaa?!?

A few blogs ago I made some skinless longganisa using lean ground pork.  Although all the flavors of what longganisa should look and taste like was accounted for, they were a bit on the dry side due to the lack of porky fat.  So tonight, I decided to revisit this recipe and use bacon as the ‘skin’ to make up for the lack thereof in fat content.  Which, by the way, was an idea that our little guy suggested I should do.

So here we go…kicking it up a notch with hickory smoked bacon!

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Bacon, Eggs, and Instagram

Normally, I would say 95% of the time, I’m just a coffee kinda girl in the mornings.  Today, being Sunday and all; not-to-mention the abundance of backyard chicken eggs in the fridge, I thought it was time for another photo-op for Instagram!  Yes, I am quite the addict.  I can’t seem to #cook or #bake anything #inthekitchen nowadays without an opportunity to snap a few pictures…