Egg Brûlée…Yes, Please.

If I could describe this creative little number with one word, it would be decadent.  A delicate amuse-gueule if you may…

My “The Best Thing You’re Not Doing to Your Morning Eggs”  adaptation was inspired from Bon Appetit Magazine, June 9, 2015 article.

You will need…

-12 organic eggs

-Kosher salt

-Turburnado sugar (or the like)

-Small kitchen torch


Use a Roaring Boil of Water

This will help the egg release the shell from the whites for a cleaner peel.  Let the water come to a roaring boil; to achieve soft-boil set the time for 6 minutes, then immediately dunk the eggs in an ice bath.

Crack from the Tips

Crack and begin peeling your eggs from one of the ends—rather than from the center—to reduce your chances of breaking the delicate whites. Give the eggs a dunk in the ice water bath as you go to get rid of any leftover bits of shell.

Make the Perfect Cut

For perfectly halved eggs, use a cheese cutter or a fishing line. Imagine that you’re cutting cheese when you’re dragging the wire through the egg.

Salt the Yolks

Sprinkle the tops of the egg halves with a little sugar to get that perfect caramelization. To balance out the flavors salt the halves before sugaring them.

Go Low and Slow


Use a kitchen torch on low heat and wave it over the tops of the eggs until they start to bubble up and caramelize.  Bon Appétit!