Cooking with Stellaaa

This is only one of the many wonderful recipes that Stella, on “Cooking with Stellaaa” whose food blog I follow on word press, I wanted to share with you today. Every now and then I venture at her food offerings and diligently mark a few to place on my ‘Must Try’ to do list.

I’ve been a fan of the wondrous pork belly ever since I run across so many mouth-watering photos of them on Instagram. So on this note, I now share with you Stella’s version! Bon Appetit–gcc


Cooking with Stellaaa

I’ve been dreaming about making this wonderful meat roulade since I came across the recipe from BonAppetit, and made it right after I got back from my trip to Italy. While I did not use BonAppetit’s recipe (I personally don’t believe in porkloin as a cut because i think pork should have fat to make it taste good), it inspired me to do my own version.

I used pork belly because it was the only available cut in the Asian supermarket that was big and flat enough to roll, and I think you’d do a good job with a different cut of meat with less fat. Based on my experience, this gets astronomically fatty greasy because it is rolled onto itself the fat just collects inside. You’ll find your chopping board to have a nice pool of oil when you are done chopping.

Nevertheless, it was a success…

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