• Salty, Spicy, Sweet on Sweet Potato Fries

    The other night hubby and I watched Chopped, one of many favorite cooking challenges we enjoy viewing on the tele.  The new episode featured ‘grandma vs grandma’ where four, sweet elderly ladies eagerly anticipated the surprise ingredients from their baskets.

  • Pancit Guisado

    Pancit Guisado

    I wanted to make use of some ingredients I had lingering around in the fridge to see what I can come up with–cabbage, frozen, organic peas, left over Honey Baked Ham, button mushrooms, and some chicken stock…

  • Bison Meatballs Calzones

    My Big, Fat Italian Meatball Calzones…

    Here’s a little something I put together this afternoon.  It coincides with an old world dough recipe I made a couple of days ago–basically taking my favorite pizza dough recipe and freezing it for a couple of days; then thawing … Continue reading

  • Easy Baklava Tarts

    Easy Baklava Tartlettes

    It was National Baklava Day last Monday and ever since then I started craving for some.  Normally I’m not an avid fan of Baklava.  I’ve probably eaten it trice in my life–from a party, from a homemade version that my … Continue reading

  • Phyllo Dough Bison Pie

    Phyllo Dough Bison Pie and Cups

    I remember the first time I dabbled with phyllo dough I had no idea what I was doing.  My cousin gave me one of those mini pie makers for Christmas a couple of years back and I was eager to … Continue reading

  • Bone in Pork Roast with Pear Jam Glaze

    Bone-in Pork Roast with Pear Jam Glaze

    Improvise, improvise, improvise…I’m big on this when it comes to recipes.  Most times, whilst sitting in my little corner kitchen desk, I’ve already figured out what I am going to cook for tomorrow’s dinner whilst, in my head, prepping the … Continue reading

  • Sweet Potato Butter Rum Flan

    Sweet Potato Buttered Rum…Flan!

    The other day I purchased sweet potatoes with the mind-set of making baked potato fries, BUT I really wanted to do something different; and quite honestly, something that will satisfy my sweet tooth, as well!  So I perused through the … Continue reading

  • Savory Croissants

    Almost-from-Scratch Savory Croissants…

    So this is exactly the kind of recipe you can dive into for those lazy, yet impatient days you may be having…as well as, when everything you need is readily available in the kitchen.

  • Classic Bloody Mary with Bacon & Shrimp

    A Classic Bloody Mary and Lobster Tail Kind of Day…

    Yesterday we had rain…finally.  True, it’s not the most pleasant…but hey, free water is ALWAYS good.  So it was a cozy kind of feeling for me, which personally meant, run to the grocery store to see what I can cook … Continue reading

  • Kitchen Play

    Baked Buffalo Wings with Buttermilk Ranch Dipping Sauce…Game On!

    Yesterday I made homemade butter (A very simple recipe using 1/2 pint of whipping cream and a mixer, which I will share with you all later)…and of course, what derives from butter is buttermilk.  I had about 1 1/2 cup … Continue reading

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